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2020 was the year of the zero

Make 2021 the Year of the Hero…

A new hero is coming this Easter …. 


Paris was supposed to be the city of love… for Steve Baron it became the polar opposite….

Deeply in love with the enigmatic and wealthy Dominique Vernier, Steve Baron follows her when she moves home to Paris to assume a senior position at her grandfather’s bank. For his loyalty he is, in turn, rewarded with a promotion within the same institution. But what is given can also be taken away and when jealousy, greed and a thirst for power, all in the shape of one man, conspire to drive a wedge between Dominique and Baron their relationship and his career are both doomed.

Returning to England after a brief but eventful  stay in Dahab, Baron focuses on his future, while trying to forget his past, but then a late night phone call from Dominique’s father drags him back into the maelstrom.
She has been kidnapped, and bizarrely the kidnappers are demanding that Baron delivers the ransom.  

Straight forward enough?  But with the Brotherhood of Sion, a hugely powerful secret society lurking in the background, nothing is ever quite as it seems and Baron is about to get involved in something that will change his life forever and could ultimately get him killed.
He has to rely on long forgotten skills to avoid this fate and collect his reward


“This whole cycle has been kicking around in various forms for the past ten years.. Now I think it’s about time it saw the light of day. 
It’s a departure from my usual subject matter but I hope that I now have the chops to do this genre some justice.


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