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Bygvænget 1, 6040 Ågård  Denmark


Yep got one but prefer e-mail or social media contact first 


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ISHTAV Blog Site Policy.

The subject of this blog is Kibbutz Volunteer Life in the 1980’s.
It is NOT a political or religious forum and moderators will stop any attempts to make it one. Some of the subject matter discussed is of an adult nature and can contain references to alcohol misuse, drugs, sexuality and rock and roll. If perchance any of the above subject matter or opinions offend you then the author apologises in advance. No offence is intended.
If you find yourself repeatedly offended by the topics or opinions then may we respectfully suggest you unfollow us as you are not likely to change your opinions of something and we are not likely to change our editorial policy so let us just all be adults and agree to disagree?

Many Thanks

The Admin Team