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A Pocketful

The second novel in the Kibbutz Tales series….

“A well written story drawn from personal experience of life as a volunteer in Israel and life afterwards working outside of the kibbutz environmentThanks and looking forward to the next instalment.”
– D Simmons – Amazon 


You can take the boy out of the kibbutz…

      ….but you can’t take the kibbutz
                                                 out of the boy. 

Billy Randell is back……… In Israel.
He knew that the good times might not last forever but he was not prepared for how bad the bad times could get.
Mel has returned to England to prepare for her further education and Mike is all loved up with Yara, his kibbutznik girlfriend. Billy is left alone with only his memories and a bottle of Arac for company.
Then comes the news he has been waiting for Delchie Matthews has finally run out of luck. His gang has imploded and he is going down for a long stretch. The last hurdle removed, Billy can finally come home safely but it is a very changed man who arrives back in London. Travelling and living on his wits has made Billy independent, so as soon as the shine wears off his return and reality strikes he just wants to be free again and back on the road.
He has a job he secretly hates , a girlfriend who is cheating on him and to cap it all he is drinking too much.   
Billy longs for the freedom, the open skies and open roads of Israel, and the carefree life of a Volunteer.  He realises that even among ex-volunteers that spirit will never thrive in the real world and many have already forgotten its true nature.  So, to re-discover it he must return to Israel and the kibbutz.
Not everyone agrees with his decision. His mum thinks it’s crazy, his friends point out he has been there and done that before, and Mel thinks he is running away and should stay at home and face up to his daemons.
But is Billy really running away?
Or is he running towards something bigger?
His destiny.


“Back by popular demand…
….or is it because the statute of limitation just ran out?
I really had to put pen to paper a second time and continue Billy’s story. There were too many unanswered questions at the end of the Eilat Trap. 
I know from what I have read elsewhere, written by volunteers from all backgrounds and many different countries that there was huge difficulty adapting to life after kibbutz. The place, the people, the culture all left huge holes that needed to be filled in the post kibbutz life.
Billy was not alone, he struggled and in the end he did what many others did, myself included, and went back.. ”


Available on Kindle & as Amazon Paperback

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A Pocketful of Charm


A Pocketful of Charm
A Pocketful of Charm

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