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The latest episode in the Billy Randall Series  is now available on Amazon and Kindle sites as both Paperback and E-Book 
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Only a few stories have the power to reach out across the decades and touch the heart….
Khamsin touches the heart and the soul of life itself….

The Egyptian Desert on the eve of the Egyptian revolution is no place for a little girl to go missing, but then no one could have predicted the ferocious sand storm that swept across the desert or indeed the political storm that swept across the country in its wake and rid the ordinary people of the rule of the kings and the yokes of foreign powers.
Instead of organising a rescue mission to find his daughter, Professor Pritchard is in a race to save the rest of his family from a murderous mob who have run riot through Cairo. destroyed countless buildings and institutions, particularly those associated with foreign businesses and the King, and are now threatening more of the same. With the usual exit routes blocked and the Egyptian army in chaos, the occupying British forces are only concerned with defending the Suez Canal.  The family are forced to strike out across the Sinai peninsula hoping to reach the deepwater port at Gaza but a simple error in the dark finds the family straying into the disputed borderlands with Israel. 

Three decades later and a routine days work in the dishwasher on Kibbutz Tel Boker is interrupted when the volunteer leader assigns Billy Randall to an unusual task. On a hill above the Kibbutz is a quiet tree-lined area, the Kibbutz cemetery, and it needs a tidy up.  Among the white grave markers, Billy discovers one that unlike the others has the inscription in English but who is this mystery person who lies buried here and what is their story?

Billy is determined to find out, and Yossi, the volunteer leader, seems to know the truth, but is he willing to tell?  


The template I use for this page  has some default text which says  “This story came to me in a dream”.
Now for the other books which have been dragged kicking and screaming into life this was not the case but with Chamsin the idea actually did come to me in a dream or at least that state where you are in-between…..not quite asleep and not quite awake..
I hope you enjoy it   


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