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The Eilat Trap

Read the dazzling first novel by the man behind the ISHTAV Blog.

This book is evocative of a very special time in my life. Great memories and lifelong friendships forged under the Galilee sun. The adventures of Billy Randell brought it all back, as strong as ever” – Slugger 66 – Amazon 


Hope bites the dust and only the lucky will survive 

Mike Spencer and Billy Randell have been friends since their first day in School, now a decade later Mike is threatening to break up the friendship by leaving to spend time on a Kibbutz in Israel. Billy is not prepared to let the friendship die but is in no financial position to make the trip. He borrows the money, under false pretences, from a local loan shark and then pitches himself whole-heartedly into making the trip a success.
Both friends find their niche in the new society and things are going well until a clash of personalities with some new volunteers sees Billy expelled from the Kibbutz.
Unable to return home to England, and unable to join another Kibbutz, Billy casts his lot in with all the ex-volunteers who have made their home in the southern city of Eilat. He is about to pit his wits against the Eilat Trap.
The question is will he survive?


This book is dedicated to everyone else who did their bit in the Kibbutzim and Moshavim, the bars, discos and hostels throughout the 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s and indeed after 2000. My story has been told but this is for all of you who maybe haven’t found your voice (or are worried that the statute of limitations might not have expired yet) 

My best wishes to you all 


Available on Kindle & as Amazon Paperback

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The Eilat Trap
The Eilat Trap
The Eilat Trap

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